Me and RamseyMy name is Jarrod Rizor. I’m a full-time Linux System Administrator in North East Ohio. In my spare time, I enjoy Ethical Hacking and volunteering at a local wildlife rehabilitation center helping birds of prey recover from injury, and taking care of the educational animals. My favorite part is taking care of the owls.

My goal is to continue learning more about Linux and Cybersecurity. I love Hacking. I love learning how things work. I love participating in CTF Challenges and the feeling of figuring out complex puzzles and how something was set up and broken, but then could be set up to be better. More secure and stable.

This website will discuss how I figure out different puzzles and problems and hopefully educate others along the way. I believe that the best way to gain knowledge is to teach others. Teaching is how you know you truly understand something.

Anyway, I’m not what else to write about me. I do love a good game of Magic the Gathering and playing some video games to relax when I’m not hanging out with owls or hacking into something.